Ham Radio — Zello

Network Radio channel on the Zello Two Way App

Ian Abel G3ZHI reports there is now a channel dedicated to Network Radio on the Zello two way radio smartphone app.

Ian says that they are a group for the new breed of communication, Radios with PTT ability that are based on Android, iOS, or other type of systems with built in WiFi, 2g, 3g, 4g for network access. Network Radios can also have the ability for VHF to UHF also within the systems.

With Network Radios you are not restricted to your usual RF antennas and coverage issues. Being able to access the network via WiFi, 2G, 3G, and 4G means you able to access networks that allow connectivity to the outside world and like minded people.

Network Radios also are now starting to link into RF repeaters for Amateur Radio use, and we are actively linking together.

An example of a Network Radio link, Network Radio accessing TeamSpeak 3 can link to the International Radio Network, which will allow access to likes of the Alabama Link allowing you to talk to DMR, Dstar, Fusion, and Echolink for example, all at the same time. That’s correct. You can talk to someone from the USA to the UK or Australia, one on DMR, the other on Dstar, and you on your network radio. So as you can see the future is moving fast.

Ian invites all amateur to come and join them, and grow the knowledge and help others in the group with Network Radios.